About Us

Eng Development Group was incorporated in 1971. It was dormant untill 1983 after which we started development business activity, an unfavourable time since our country was facing recession at that time. Though possessing limited manpower, working capital and networks, we managed to deliver our houses to our purchasers. This goes to show the integrity and the commitment of our company to its valued customers.

To date, we have completed a staggering 28 projects in the Southern Region of Peninsula Malaysia
( Muar, Malacca, Johore, Kluang and Selangor ) ; with 3 projects in progress and 5 more being planned. Amazing feat within a time frame of 20 years. We subscribe to 4 principles that have propelled the company to where it is today;

(I) Early Delivery (III) Reliable Quality
(II) Value for Money (IV) Innovative Design



From hardwork, we reap the fruits of labour. In 1994, one of our projects, Taman Pasir Jaya ( 20 units of bungalows ), was applied for by almost 500 prospective purchasers. The unexpected response forced us to allocate the units by means of public balloting. Lucky purchasers who were chosen were immediately offered a RM20,000 mark-up of their purchase after they received their units. Till today, the project is still well known throughout Malacca.

In addition to that, another project ( Taman Seri Wangsa ) which contains 217 units of mixed development was lapped up by eager purchasers 4 days after the launch.

Taman Pasir Mas, another project which consisted of 127 double storey linked homes was also much sought after. The initial sale value for each unit everages about RM139,800. 2 years later, these homes have appreciated to Rm280,000; an almost unheard of capital appreciation amount at that time. The architectural design was so unique that till date after 10 years, the lookout remain unchanged which means the design was well accepted by the residents, therefore no renovation was done.

Taking precedent from these achievements, we strive even harder to outperform our competitors and our internal standards. Many of our purchasers will testify to that fact and that is why we are know in the industry.

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