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Crystal Plaza overlooks the entrance into the township of Crystal Bay Resort in Alai. It has two blocks of 3-storey shop office and a block of 2-storey shop office. Located strategically with an existing source of clientele from nearby residential estates and a potential to tap into the future residents of the Crystal Bay township; it is a wise investment for commercial and retail purpose.

The future target market of your shop office will consist of upper middle to upper income class households with at least 2 children. Thus, businesses such as clinics, mini marts, childcare center, restaurant and grocery store will be ideal. In addition to that, it is also a conductive environment to house your office since traffic jams and lack of car parks are virtually unheard of; yet is is only 15 minutes away from the city center.

3-storey : RM 296,800 onwards
2-storey : RM 199,800 onwards

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